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Commercial property insurance helps protect the building your business owns or leases, as well as your business’s personal property, including tools/equipment, inventory, and office furniture.

A commercial property insurance policy includes coverage for assets like accounts receivable, computers, and lost income for when business operations are suspended due to a covered loss. Leading Edge Holdings Insurance Group in Plano wants to make that selection process easier and simpler for you by explaining everything your commercial property insurance policy covers.

Commercial Property Insurance Quotes

Commercial property policies aren’t standardized. This means coverages and policy terms can vary and look quite different by insurance company and by individual policy. If a policy doesn’t provide all the coverage you need, you can usually add supplemental insurance or find a better match through a different provider. Don’t let this process stress you out; let us help you with the selection process by providing you with our available commercial property insurance quotes.

Typical Commercial Property Insurance Coverages

As you might guess with commercial property insurance, there are many different kinds of commercial property policies that offer a wide range of coverage options to cater to each industry. Below is a short list of some of these coverages. If you don’t see a coverage option that addresses your needs specifically, that doesn’t mean we won’t have a commercial property insurance plan for you.

  • Building occupied by the insured coverage insures a building you regularly use but don’t own, like an office that operates in a building owned by someone else.
  • Newly acquired or constructed buildings coverage insures a new building if you add it to your policy within a certain amount of time. Commercial property policies usually only cover buildings named in the policy.
  • Employees’ personal property coverage insures your employees’ personal property if the property is on your premises. Generally, you must buy this coverage as an additional coverage option if you need more than a limited.
  • Off-premises property coverage covers your property located somewhere other than your business’s premises. This comes in handy for businesses with equipment that travels off site to do work.
  • Business interruption coverage pays for the income you’d lose if your business is damaged and you can’t perform your normal business operations, resulting is lost income.
  • Extra expense coverage pays any additional costs to return your business to normal after it’s damaged.
  • Valuable papers coverage provides limited coverage for your business records and other valuable papers. You might be able to increase the coverage amount with an endorsement.
  • Ordinance or law coverage pays additional costs to repair or rebuild a facility up to current building codes after it’s damaged. Many policies provide limited ordinance coverage, but you can increase the coverage with an endorsement.

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