As much as you try to prepare for anything, like natural disasters, accidents, data breaches, lawsuits, workers’ compensation and more, the unexpected happens. When it does, all you want to know is you’re adequately covered and your business will survive. Business insurance can make sure both your personal and business assets are fully protected from known and unknown risks.

LEH Insurance is your source for business insurance that’s required by federal and state laws, as well as coverage that fills in the gaps for other business risks. Our agents are trained to assess the risks your business faces and find coverage makes sense, compare terms and prices, and find the best policies for you. As your business grows, so does your exposure and the need to protect your people, places and things. LEH Insurance is here for the long haul, ready to re-assess coverage as your company hits milestones.

Cyber Liability

No business, small or Fortune 500, is immune to cyber risks and threats. Your best defense is investing in cybersecurity, yet even that cannot 100% guarantee immunity from intentional or negligent acts that expose PPI and/or proprietary data. Cyber liability insurance can mean the difference between bankruptcy and moving on.



Saying we live in a litigious world is an understatement. D&O insurance protects directors’ and officers’ personal assets, as well as your company in the event of legal action. Not to mention, it can satisfy a board, investors and venture capitalists; attract and retain directors and officers; and increase the odds of surviving through a lawsuit.


General Liability

General liability coverage protects against financial loss, resulting from bodily injury, property damage, medical expenses, libel, slander, defending lawsuits and settlement bonds or judgments. It is critical to preserving your company’s financial health. All businesses need it, and LEH finds comprehensive and tailored policies for you.


Healthcare Professional Liability & Medical Malpractice

Time. Resources. Assets. Licensure. Careers. Reputations. Our agents know exactly what’s at stake for medical professionals and healthcare organizations. Add fewer carriers, higher premiums and a complicated insurance environment, and you need experts who guide you to the necessary coverage so you can focus on patient care.


Property & Casualty

Property and casualty (P&C) insurance is such a broad term for broad coverage, financially protecting your company’s property from damage, loss and theft or your company should it play a role in causing damage to others. Broad by nature, P&C insurance should be tailored to your situation for a safe amount of coverage.


Surety Bonds

When a new construction and commercial project requires a surety bond, LEH Insurance’s connections with the nation’s best surety companies is your go-to source. We can protect your interests with a surety bond adapted to the project’s specifics, priced well for the factors involved, and executed within the timeframe you need.


Worker’s Compensation

So much of worker’s compensation requirements and law varies from state to state. Knowing what’s mandated, as well as the intricacies involved in what’s covered and what’s not, takes agents like ours who pinpoint obvious and obscure risks that could significantly impact your business whether you have one location or one in every state.



If you’re in the market for an umbrella policy, you know how it could save your company from a catastrophic loss—one that could put you out of business. Trust an LEH Insurance agent to evaluate your insurance portfolio, your industry, and other factors to balance those with an umbrella policy that makes financial and common sense.