Protect Your Data and Have a Cyber Liability Policy in Place

No business, small or Fortune 500, is immune to cyber risks and threats. Hackers, ransomware, malware, employees not following security protocol, stolen or misplaced laptops and devices, an IT asset disposition (ITAD) vendor who didn’t follow best practices—the list goes on and on.

Your best defense is to continually invest in cybersecurity, yet even that cannot 100% guarantee immunity from intentional or negligent acts that expose PPI and/or proprietary data. That’s why cyber liability insurance is a top priority for businesses today. The right coverage can mean the difference between bankruptcy and moving on.

LEH Insurance Agents are Cyber Liability Insurance Experts

Having been in the insurance industry as long as LEH Insurance has, we see firsthand how bad the worst that can happen really is. For large enterprises, even heavy investments in cybersecurity aren’t always sufficient to prevent attacks. For smaller companies, the expense of state-of-the-art IT security can be prohibitive, yet the cost of a breach can put them out of business, especially when federal and state privacy laws are involved. If you have any doubt about where or why your data, hardware and network are vulnerable, our agents can walk you through assessing and evaluating risk.

Using cutting-edge cyber risk assessment tools and sophisticated quantitative models, our agents can determine the likelihood that your business will experience a cyberattack or data breach, as well as its level of potential severity and impact on your company. In the end, you’ll gain deep insights to guide better decisions, the appropriate amount of cyber liability coverage for your situation, and an affordable rate.

Our Cyber Liability Solutions

  • Cyber underwriting preparation covering IT security and controls
  • Qualitative and quantitative cyber risk measurement assessing, including:
    • Likelihood and severity based upon individual network configurations and protections
  • Liability solutions for any- sized organization, including:
    • Cyber and privacy liability
    • Breach and event costs
    • Direct cyber loss
    • Ransomware and cyber extortion
  • Cyber insurance product extensions, such as:
    • Bodily injury, property damage and pollution
    • Cyber monetary loss
    • Coverage exclusions in conventional solutions
  • Cyberattack and ransomware claims handling and response